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Glue Ear - An Introduction

Read the article based on an outline of twenty years of research into viability of the management of a group of children suffering from, and diagnosed with Otitis Media with Effusion often referred to as 'Glue Ear'... Read More

How To Use An Otoscope

Learn here the correct usage of an Otoscope and overcome the common problems when using this equipment... Read More

Treatments For Children

Many parents ask how can they treat their child for Glue Ear. Learn here how to treat a child for Glue Ear using Osteopathic methods in your own home... Read More

Your Questions Answered

What is Glue Ear? This and all your questions answered here referring to Glue Ear, it's symptoms and treatments available... Read More

Is Your Child...
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Turning up the TV volume?

Watching the same DVD, and repeating all the words?

Missing the first word of a sentence?

Sitting in the classroom day-dreaming?

Raising their voice and in return you do the same?

The chances are that they have a problem with their hearing. There are many types of hearing loss whether your a child or an adult.

One of the most common is Otitis Media with Effusion. O.M.E, better known in the UK as Glue Ear. It is this complaint that we have based our research on over the last twenty years involving hundreds of children using a manual therapy regime and diet.

The alternative to our treatment is rather traumatic, and involves the surgical insertion of Grommetts (ventilation tubes) which can be carried out between one and seven times. The results of this type of intervention with regards to a child's future are obvious.


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A DVD is now available from Dr Mathews' Surgery covering the Manual Treatment of Glue Ear.
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